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                 Welcome to Wuxi W&H Construction Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd 


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                Customer Care



                VATOLE will provide you best solutions for spare parts, because we have most experienced technical team and after-sale service team. We understand your needs and difficulties. Hence VATOLE after-sales team opened 24-hour service hotline to help you solve any problems. You can contact weihukeji@126.com for help. VATOLE maintains good cooperation with DHL, TNT etc international

                express company. In case of urgent express, VATOLE promises sending out within 48 hours, in the shortest time to reach your side. No matter when and where, no matter what you need, VATOLE will provide you with the highest quality accessories. 


                When firstly using or maintenance VATOLE machines, please read the operating instructions carefully and abide by relevant regulations. The improper operation may cause harm to your machines. In order to keep your machine best operating state, we recommend you to regular maintenance on a regular basis. Every machine is with the operating instruction when sending. And the one can be sent to your email when required. 


                We promise to provide all our customers not only the best-quality products, but also the first-class service. When you encounter any problems during using , please feel free to contact us. You can send email to this address: weihukeji@126.com. We will wholeheartedly provide you the best service. 

                Business support

                VATOLE will provide you the comprehensive information of product brochure and date sheet as well producing, testing and as on-site working video. Above aids will guide you with key aspects of applications technology, and their benefits in a clearly manner. The video is suitable in particular for self-study by customers. The technical support will be provided as soon as quickly when required. 


                VATOLE's complete all-round service system will bring the custome effective product guarantee. When you choose VATOLE, you will enjoy our perfect service at the same time. These services will be reflected in the value of our products. 

                Contact Us

                Sale Team No.1:

                Tel: 0086-510-83958829
                Fax:0086-510- 83051887
                Mob: 0086-13013608993
                Email: sales1@vatole.com 
                Skype: weihukeji
                QQ: 413924562
                Wechat: 0086-13013608993

                whatsapp: 0086-13013608993



                Sale Team No.2:

                Tel: 0086-510-83952990
                Fax:0086-510- 83051887
                Mob: 0086-13376216736
                Email: sales2@vatole.com
                Skype: vivian89208
                QQ: 1084598274
                Wechat: 0086-13376216736

                whatsapp: 0086-13376216736