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                 Welcome to Wuxi W&H Construction Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd 


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                Quality Control

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                Quality Control

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                VATOLE is operated stricly according to international quality system ISO9001:2008, regulate and guide the business activities by complete quality assurance system. Most products have passed the tests by the TüV SüD, achieved the CE, EMC and EPA certificates.


                Profeesional technology, modern manufacturing equipments and testing instruments can effectively prevent the errors that may occur in the whole process, from the product design, production, inspection till the customer service.


                Every machine need be tested and inspected before packing. The inspectors from our QC department strictly control the quality according to the requirements of inspection instructions. In order to ensure the quality of the raw material, we carefully inspect and select the best suppliers. And the inspectors also strictly check the spare parts from the suppliers.


                For every new product, we need to go through sampling, testing, inspection, rectification and re-testing, review and improvement... Our every evaluation will be not less than 3 times. There are many departments who participate in the review, such as sales department, purchasing department, production department, technology department, even we also invite our customers to participate the review to put forward valuable advice. Only through the strict review, we just can sell to our customers.



                 Quality Control Procedure 

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