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                 Welcome to Wuxi W&H Construction Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd 


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                Become a dealer

                Customer Care

                Become a dealer

                Choosing VATOLE is absolutely the right thing to do-provide professional solutions for you. VATOLE are very honest and sincere to treat every customer. 
                For customers, VATOLE are committed to providing perfect products and the first-class service. VATOLE one-stop service allows you to work and rest without worries. Help you focus on the market, expand their business, and help you gain more business interests. VATOLE have very good business reputation with the spirit of "honesty, cooperation, and win-win". VATOLE establish a good long-term relations of cooperation and growth to realize mutual win.
                However, we need to treat problem deeply. What we seek is not only to create superior performance of business relationship, but also bring change and innovation of business relations. Our aim is: better products, better price, better service, better cooperation, better future. VATOLE works together with our every customer under this tenet.
                We must insist VATOLE basic values together: honest, qualified, faithful and innovative. If it happens that you coincide with
                VATOLE culture and ethics, then join us. Become a partner of VATOLE, pursue common development and progress hand in

                Contact Us

                Sale Team No.1:

                Tel: 0086-510-83958829
                Fax:0086-510- 83051887
                Mob: 0086-13013608993
                Email: sales1@vatole.com 
                Skype: weihukeji
                QQ: 413924562
                Wechat: 0086-13013608993

                whatsapp: 0086-13013608993



                Sale Team No.2:

                Tel: 0086-510-83952990
                Fax:0086-510- 83051887
                Mob: 0086-13376216736
                Email: sales2@vatole.com
                Skype: vivian89208
                QQ: 1084598274
                Wechat: 0086-13376216736

                whatsapp: 0086-13376216736