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                 Welcome to Wuxi W&H Construction Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd 


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                About Us


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                Wuxi W&H Construction Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Lt attaches great importance to the brand, and sucessfully registered “VATOLE” and “威拓力” long time ago, which has its own right. 

                “VATOLE” and “威拓力”, as a rapidly growing brand, is the emblem of our reputation, prodcuts, services and mission. Our good reputation has won the trust from so many customers, who support us and keep long well cooperation with us all the time. In the past more than ten years, VATOLE has been growing and progessing. Now VATOLE has more experience and more professional technical team to provide ”excellent quality, incomparable reliability, all round support and services”. Insisting on our mission ”credit and quality as the highest, continuous innovation, developing and improving”, in the future, there will be more on “VATOLE” brand machines applied to more places all over the world; VATOLE will have a wider range of “VATOLE” service teams and sales network around the world. All VATOLE people make great effort to protect and build a better “VATOLE”. 

                Contact Us

                Sale Team No.1:

                Tel: 0086-510-83958829
                Fax:0086-510- 83051887
                Mob: 0086-13013608993
                Email: sales1@vatole.com 
                Skype: weihukeji
                QQ: 413924562
                Wechat: 0086-13013608993

                whatsapp: 0086-13013608993



                Sale Team No.2:

                Tel: 0086-510-83952990
                Fax:0086-510- 83051887
                Mob: 0086-13376216736
                Email: sales2@vatole.com
                Skype: vivian89208
                QQ: 1084598274
                Wechat: 0086-13376216736

                whatsapp: 0086-13376216736